The Top Games For Kids In 2016

Looking for the top games for kids in 2016? There’s no better time than to get those shopping lists figured out now that the holiday season is upon us. One of the biggest pass times for many children these days is playing games of course. Here are some of the top newer releases you should consider.

1 – Angry Birds Action!

If your little one has any sort of mobile device with iOS or Android installed, you can get Angry Birds Action! for them for just a nominal fee. This is the latest entry in the now 6 year running world famous franchise. This particular version of the game is top down, presented in more of a pinball format that switches things up nicely if the traditional platforming style has become stale.

2 – Skylanders Imaginators

As the leading franchise of the “games to life” phenomenon, Skylanders hasn’t slowed down a bit. Each new character released always becomes a collector’s item, so you have to move fast. Imaginators is the newest game in the series, bringing the ability for your kids to create their own Skylanders creatures. Whatever they happen to come up with can be scanned into and then played within the game. It can be a bit expensive since you have to purchase additional units beyond the game’s initial price, but it has proven immensely popular with kids time and time again. One of my son’s friend’s Dads writes for Twin Cities Fun and he says that this game is becoming hugely popular and could prove to be the best selling game of the year when all is said and done.

3 – Pokemon Sun & Moon

There’s no doubt that the much anticipated new iteration of Pokemon is also one of the top games for kids in 2016. If your child has a Nintendo 3DS handheld game system, this is absolutely the go-to title to grab this holiday season. Of course, Sun & Moon brings a whole new stable of Pokemon creatures to the table, and the collecting and battling RPG styled gameplay is as riveting as ever.

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Playing Kids Learning Games With Chocolate: How To Have Fun

Kids love playing games and incorporating learning into fun activities is a great way to make learning fun and exciting. You can make learning and game play even more enticing by choosing a theme. One popular theme that children and adults alike enjoy is chocolate. Read on to for some great activities involving chocolate, children, and learning.

Math Fun
Just about every math concept can be taught using chocolate. Depending on the age of the children, their abilities, and your lesson, you can teach children to add, subtract, multiply, and divide with chocolate candies. You can also teach children about fractions using chocolate. Using a chocolate bar that is already divided makes teaching and learning this concept a bit easier. Geometry concepts can also be taught with chocolate bars.

Reading About Chocolate
When kids read about interesting topics, it makes the activity more enjoyable. You can find many fun books, articles, and other material for children to read that involves chocolate. Whether you want them to read a recipe involving chocolate, learn about the history of chocolate, or to read a story that involves the sweet treat. Continue reading Playing Kids Learning Games With Chocolate: How To Have Fun

Kids, Chocolate, And Games: How To Have Fun

What is better than kids, chocolate, and games? If you ask us, there really is nothing more fun! Anytime you involve food with children and game playing, everyone involved is in for a treat and lots of fun. Read on to find some great games you can play with children and chocolate.

Fraction Fun
Kids of all ages should be taught the value of sharing and there is no better thing to share than a sweet treat. Using chocolate bars that are already divided makes the game easier. Depending on the kids’ ages, you can practice sharing, or dividing, and making fractions with the chocolate.

Pudding Paint
This game may be more fun for the younger crowd, but depending on the children, they may have fun using chocolate pudding to paint. This edible option allows children to create art and eat their masterpiece. It’s also a great party┬ábus idea.

Scavenger Hunt
Kids love finding things and creating a scavenger hunt that ends with a chocolate prize is something that everyone will enjoy. Simply hide little chocolate pieces throughout the area, offer clues, and wait for the fun to ensue.

Fun With Food
If you want to play a game that involves making a chocolate treat, there are few options for this. You can set out treats and allow the children to create their own customized trail mix. You can have them decorate a chocolate cake or cookie, as well.

As you can see, there are many fun options when you want to involve chocolate in your kids’ games. You can make all kinds of treats, use chocolate to find, paint, do math, or any other fun activity you can think of. When you choose to add sweet treats to your game time, everyone involved will have a memorable time and enjoy something very delicious.

Kids Games With Chocolate Themes Are Always Fun

Kids love chocolate, at least most of them, and there are some great games that involve chocolate. One way you can bring games to life involving chocolate is to cook with chocolate. Remember those days when you got to lick the spoon after your Mom mixed up the brownie or cake batter?

You can simply do that, but we’re talking games here so it’s time to get a little more creative. There are all kinds of cooking games you can play with kids that involve chocolate, and they don’t necessarily have to get so messy. You can turn out some works of art cooking with chocolate, making for a great crafts session.

There are also online games involving chocolate, and as you can imagine, these would be appealing to kids. I pulled up a site with many of them listed, and they look like quite a bit of fun. One of them is Chocolatier, and another one is The Great Chocolate Chase, which definitely has a ring to it.

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Coming Up With Kid’s Games With a Chocolate Theme

If there’s one thing that every child loves, it’s chocolate! That’s why you can use sweet treats to make games and learning more fun. You just have to think about the perfect way to incorporate chocolate into a game.

Using Chocolate as Game Pieces
Take any game you like that uses pieces, and replace the pieces with wrapped chocolates instead. You could let each child eat their piece at the end of the game, or give all of the pieces to the winner.

Using Chocolate as a Reward
Any game can be more interesting when there’s a special prize waiting at the end of it! If there’s something you’d like your child to try that they’re not interested in, try offering up their favorite chocolate bar as a reward. There’s a good chance that they’ll be a lot more excited.

Give Your Favorite Game a Chocolate Makeover
Love Monopoly? Why not pretend all of the buildings are types of chocolate instead? Like playing checkers? Why not give it a few, fun, chocolate-themed name? It’s easy to put a candy spin on almost any board or card game, and for the right kid, it can make things a lot more fun.
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Kids Games With Chocolate Themes Are Good For Birthday Parties

When it comes to kids birthday parties you want to provide a lot of fun and have them play some games. Kids games with chocolate themes are perfect for a party. The kids love to play them and enjoy having a yummy treat with all of their friends at the party.

If you are planning a birthday party you should take the time to look for the different games you can play that include chocolate. You need to plan this ahead of time in case you need to buy something. That way you can be prepared. Some of the games will be more active than others. Figure out what will work for your kid and their friends. Find games that they will enjoy and have fun with.

Some people like traditional games that offer a chocolate prize. That is also an option and can be a lot of fun. Kids love to work hard for candy. Just make sure you know if any of the kids at the party are allergic to peanuts and if they are you should provide something they are allowed to eat.

If you are having trouble figuring out the types of games to play, go online for ideas. You can find out about what others have done and even see pictures of it. Think about what you want to do and what would work for your own party.

You can also talk to your friends who also have kids. They might have some great ideas about kids games with chocolate themes. They can tell you about what they tried that their kids loved and what might not have gone over as well. It is nice to be able to get ideas from other parents that you know.


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