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The Top Games For Kids In 2016

Looking for the top games for kids in 2016? There’s no better time than to get those shopping lists figured out now that the holiday season is upon us. One of the biggest pass times for many children these days is playing games of course. Here are some of the top newer releases you should consider.

1 – Angry Birds Action!

If your little one has any sort of mobile device with iOS or Android installed, you can get Angry Birds Action! for them for just a nominal fee. This is the latest entry in the now 6 year running world famous franchise. This particular version of the game is top down, presented in more of a pinball format that switches things up nicely if the traditional platforming style has become stale.

2 – Skylanders Imaginators

As the leading franchise of the “games to life” phenomenon, Skylanders hasn’t slowed down a bit. Each new character released always becomes a collector’s item, so you have to move fast. Imaginators is the newest game in the series, bringing the ability for your kids to create their own Skylanders creatures. Whatever they happen to come up with can be scanned into and then played within the game. It can be a bit expensive since you have to purchase additional units beyond the game’s initial price, but it has proven immensely popular with kids time and time again. One of my son’s friend’s Dads writes for Twin Cities Fun and he says that this game is becoming hugely popular and could prove to be the best selling game of the year when all is said and done.

3 – Pokemon Sun & Moon

There’s no doubt that the much anticipated new iteration of Pokemon is also one of the top games for kids in 2016. If your child has a Nintendo 3DS handheld game system, this is absolutely the go-to title to grab this holiday season. Of course, Sun & Moon brings a whole new stable of Pokemon creatures to the table, and the collecting and battling RPG styled gameplay is as riveting as ever.

4 – LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Continue reading The Top Games For Kids In 2016