Kids Games With Chocolate Themes Are Always Fun

Kids love chocolate, at least most of them, and there are some great games that involve chocolate. One way you can bring games to life involving chocolate is to cook with chocolate. Remember those days when you got to lick the spoon after your Mom mixed up the brownie or cake batter?

You can simply do that, but we’re talking games here so it’s time to get a little more creative. There are all kinds of cooking games you can play with kids that involve chocolate, and they don’t necessarily have to get so messy. You can turn out some works of art cooking with chocolate, making for a great crafts session.

There are also online games involving chocolate, and as you can imagine, these would be appealing to kids. I pulled up a site with many of them listed, and they look like quite a bit of fun. One of them is Chocolatier, and another one is The Great Chocolate Chase, which definitely has a ring to it.

I used to run an after school program, and I know how much the kids liked chocolate. They were rationed a healthy snack during the program, but they had to spend extra time at school and wait until it was time to go home in order to get ready for dinner. For that, I had a prize box, and I would hand out prizes for many games we played.

There was even a homework program in place, turning homework into a game. Of course, not every prize in the prize box was chocolate, but that was always one of their favorite prizes. You can turn just about any game into a game with a chocolate them if you use your imagination, and they will be appreciative.