Coming Up With Kid’s Games With a Chocolate Theme

If there’s one thing that every child loves, it’s chocolate! That’s why you can use sweet treats to make games and learning more fun. You just have to think about the perfect way to incorporate chocolate into a game.

Using Chocolate as Game Pieces
Take any game you like that uses pieces, and replace the pieces with wrapped chocolates instead. You could let each child eat their piece at the end of the game, or give all of the pieces to the winner.

Using Chocolate as a Reward
Any game can be more interesting when there’s a special prize waiting at the end of it! If there’s something you’d like your child to try that they’re not interested in, try offering up their favorite chocolate bar as a reward. There’s a good chance that they’ll be a lot more excited.

Give Your Favorite Game a Chocolate Makeover
Love Monopoly? Why not pretend all of the buildings are types of chocolate instead? Like playing checkers? Why not give it a few, fun, chocolate-themed name? It’s easy to put a candy spin on almost any board or card game, and for the right kid, it can make things a lot more fun.

Play Candy-Themed Games
You can buy a number of games that are already themed around candy! You don’t need to add chocolate in at all. While some of these games are more famous than others, you’ll find that you have a lot more options than you might think.

There are all kinds of ways to create kids games with a chocolate theme. Use your imagination and stock up on some tasty chocolates. You should be able to have a whole lot of fun, and you should also have a chance to satisfy your sweet tooth.