Kids, Chocolate, And Games: How To Have Fun

What is better than kids, chocolate, and games? If you ask us, there really is nothing more fun! Anytime you involve food with children and game playing, everyone involved is in for a treat and lots of fun. Read on to find some great games you can play with children and chocolate.

Fraction Fun
Kids of all ages should be taught the value of sharing and there is no better thing to share than a sweet treat. Using chocolate bars that are already divided makes the game easier. Depending on the kids’ ages, you can practice sharing, or dividing, and making fractions with the chocolate.

Pudding Paint
This game may be more fun for the younger crowd, but depending on the children, they may have fun using chocolate pudding to paint. This edible option allows children to create art and eat their masterpiece. It’s also a great party┬ábus idea.

Scavenger Hunt
Kids love finding things and creating a scavenger hunt that ends with a chocolate prize is something that everyone will enjoy. Simply hide little chocolate pieces throughout the area, offer clues, and wait for the fun to ensue.

Fun With Food
If you want to play a game that involves making a chocolate treat, there are few options for this. You can set out treats and allow the children to create their own customized trail mix. You can have them decorate a chocolate cake or cookie, as well.

As you can see, there are many fun options when you want to involve chocolate in your kids’ games. You can make all kinds of treats, use chocolate to find, paint, do math, or any other fun activity you can think of. When you choose to add sweet treats to your game time, everyone involved will have a memorable time and enjoy something very delicious.